Kitsunegari | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 403

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Kitsunegari | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 403

The K Files agents are on the fox hunt for the return of Pusher in ‘Kitsunegari.’

In this fifth season followup to Pusher, Mulder and Scully again chase the infamous killer Robert “Pusher” Modell, played by Robert Wisden, a human gifted with the power to enact his will on others. As sometimes happens on the X Files, he manages to escape from holding despite the gunshot wound he suffered at Mulder’s hand last time around. The agents discover the Modell Force is strong – there is another Pusher, a sister aka the real monster in this file.


Critics of the episode say that its not up to Vince Gilligan’s usual writing level of wit/humor. That said, the performances of guest actors Robert Wisden and Diana Scarwid as the Pusher twins, elevates the material and their climactic end scene together is compelling. There is a notableĀ  change in Modell’s personality from the previous episode (which, he did get shot in the head…), plus Scully doesn’t have much to do beyond scold, which is not as fun as myriad other Scully’s wth reasonable concerns. In general, the story is not as clear as the usual fare from writers like Gilligan and Tim Minear (who also worked on things like Firefly).


The art department worked hard, regardless of story – the set piece featuring Nathan Bowman covered in “cerulean blue” paint is very cool and marvelously practical. This sequence also taught a young Agent Moeller that you can asphyxiate from painting your skin – thanks to The X Files for teaching the best information. Like a twisted version of the “More You Know” PSA’s of old…

Open the case file below:

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