LAZARUS Investigation | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 312

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LAZARUS Investigation | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 312

This week, we peer into Scully’s romantic past in LAZARUS, in which Scully’s ex plays host to a lovesick prison guard turned Clyde (as in Bonnie and). It’s a love that was a lie – even though the prison guard overcame death for his love, death claimed him in the end, no matter what.

This is a topic we’ve explored in episodes like Milagro previously, about the important of investing your life in a worthy cause, as Scully has found with Mulder.

It’s a question to an answer Scullly was/is asking about their partnership and on a deeper level the romantic aspect too, the whole relationship enchilada – she is seeking a worthy cause, and found past ones lacking. Now she gains insight into what the truth is, for her, when it comes to how and with whom she chooses to spend her life.

I LOVE these old episodes because they have essential truths from the show embedded within the story, underneath, in the subtext and in the characters’ (and our) experience. A past love literally returns from the dead before Scully’s eyes: it’s visual poetry.

Open the case file for our full podcast and video investigations below:

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