Memento Mori | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 335

The X Files Podcast The K Files Memento Mori

Memento Mori | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 335

The K Files takes on fourth season criterion episode, Memento Mori in a NEW investigation!

Memento Mori translates loosely to – remember that you will die. And indeed, this episode marks the beginning of Scully’s journey through cancer and beyond. It’s a high watermark for the series rarely met before or since for its award-winning writing and especially for Gillian Anderson’s performance (for which she won a Golden Globe).

Similarly, this development deepens the mythology, building on the foundation laid in Duane Barry, Nisei, Apocrypha. Scully must go inward to find the truth and she’s finally brave enough to begin the investigation. Meanwhile, per the usual, Mulder runs around in a black turtle neck on a caper with the Lone Gunmen, though he does manage to snag a few of Scully’s remaining ovum. Those will be important later…

Open the case file below:

Plot (Spoilers):

Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) learns that she has a cancerous tumor between her sinus and cerebrum. She initially tells only Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) of the diagnosis, and is determined to continue to work. The agents head to Allentown, Pennsylvania to see Betsy Hagopian, a Mutual UFO Network member who was previously discovered to be suffering from similar symptoms. The agents learn that Betsy has died, yet find someone using her phone line. They trace the call to Kurt Crawford (David Lovgren), a fellow MUFON member. Crawford tells them that all but one of the MUFON members Scully previously met have died of cancer. Scully is skeptical of Mulder and Crawford’s claims that a government conspiracy and her abduction are behind her illness.

Scully visits the last surviving MUFON member, Penny Northern, who is being treated for cancer at a medical centre. Meanwhile, Mulder discovers that all the abductees were childless but had been treated at a nearby fertility clinic. When Mulder is called away by Scully, an assassin, the Gray-Haired Man (Morris Panych) arrives and kills Crawford with a stiletto weapon, revealing him to be an alien-human hybrid. After meeting Penny’s physician, Dr. Scanlon, Scully elects to begin chemotherapy. Mulder sneaks into the clinic and finds Crawford there, seemingly alive. Mulder and “Crawford” hack into the clinic’s computer database and find information revealing Scully has a file there. Mulder sees Skinner and asks to deal with The Smoking Man to save Scully, but Skinner convinces him not to do so.

Mulder recruits The Lone Gunmen to help him break into a high security research facility where he thinks he may be able to find more information on how to save Scully. Meanwhile, Skinner tries to deal directly with The Smoking Man for Scully’s life, who tells him he will get back to him. Inside the facility, Mulder discovers that Dr. Scanlon works alongside several clones of Kurt Crawford. The clones show him Scully’s harvested ova and tell him they are trying to save the abducted women’s lives, since they acted as their birth mothers. They also hope to subvert the colonization project as an inside job. Mulder takes Scully’s ova and leaves, being pursued by the Gray-Haired Man as he escapes. He returns to the hospital to see Scully, who tells him that Penny has died but that she intends to fight the disease. Afterward, Mulder thanks Skinner for advising him not to negotiate with the Smoking Man, after which Skinner and the Smoking Man come to terms on their deal in seclusion. – Wiki

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