Millennium | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 401


Millennium | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 401

The K Files returns this week from hiatus with renewed purpose – to uncover the most hidden truths out there inĀ  the special world of The X Files. In today’s episode, agents are in the LBO investigating which bible verses work best for necromancy and/or subverting the Apocalypse in Chris Carter crossover, Millennium.

Written by all around specialist Vince Gilligan and mythology specialist Frank Spotnitz and directed by Thomas J. Wright from the Millennium crew, thisĀ  monster-of-the-week aspires to both wrap up Millennium and avert the Apocalypse (which is a little cray for XF, see Buffy for more of the end of days adventures). Say what you want about the writing, but the performances are compelling from guests Lance Henriksen and Holmes Osbourne as necromancy enthusiast, Mark Johnson and the special makeup effects are terrifying on the zombies. The scene where salt pours out of the corpses mouth stands out as a top example plus also provides a helpful window into what watching Millennium is/was like – there was always at least one mouth sewn shut an episode seemingly.

While critically the episode drew lukewarm reviews due at least in part to complaints it was not a fitting end for Millennium, it is notable for having one of happiest endings in the whole show: A father reunites with his daughter after re-devoting his life to caring for her and our woe-begotten agents share a sweet smooch without either of them being going into arrest or abducted by aliens. Then walk off lazily into the sunset, probably to go bone, if Mulder’s forearm draped across Scully’s shoulders is any indicator. For these two, that’s like second base. Our favorite part of that whole sequence is the look Scully gives Mulder after half a second of the kiss ending, as if to say – um, you know we don’t usually do that, right? Gillian you slay us, always.


You can review the full case file here:

Also of note – Agent Moeller had a close encounter early this winter while the show was on break. Please enjoy this slideshow of surveillance photos taken at the site:

The K Files returns next week with a new investigation! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Gameplay Thursday!

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