Mulder’s Translation of Babylon | The K Files| The X Files Miniseries Podcast | Case File 306

E306 The X-Files Babylon

Mulder’s Translation of Babylon | The K Files| The X Files Miniseries Podcast | Case File 306

The penultimate episode of The X Files is a glorious swan song for the whole story from Chris Carter – and it felt like the breath of fresh air before the plunge that will undoubtedly be My Struggle Part 2.

The story belongs in a class of monsters of the week type episodes involving fairly benevolent cases but big, cosmic yearnings and understandings. The dreams in the episode are more real than the surface story, which involved Mulder communicating through the ocean of the psyche with a mild-mannered terrorist.

Now that Mulder and Scully are both believers they are really encountering intense special worlds in each episode – this one  had (among many other visages) mirrors that were also tests in the form of Miller and Einstein. Mulder and Scully both tried to help the other version of their other: Scully gave Miller what he needed, the science to align his interpretations/insights to a greater horizon of meaning; and Mulder offered Einstein an avenue toward…understanding that there are more worlds than are dreamt of, etc. (what the Were-Monster told us), but really she learns that sometimes doing nothing is the best way to get everything.

In the end, Mulder and Scully both proceed through the special world unscathed then hold hands in the sun. They seem ready to take on any force – we’re guessing My Struggle Part 2 is going to be BRUTAL. Stay with us as we doggedly pursue the truth in this singular X Files event – the miniseries finale.

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