Nisei | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 319

The K Files The X Files Podcast Nisei 319

Nisei | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 319

Mulder and Scully get embroiled in a conspiracy thriller mini movie two parter, starting with Nisei. Filed under Fight the Future-esque episodes (EBE), alien autopsies Mulder believe are real (Jose Chung’s), and is cross-referenced with previous two parter Paper Clip and The Blessing Way under E for experimentation on humans.

Open the case file below for the full report:

This time it’s Japanese scientists who play the monsters, recruited for the project by our government after World War II in order to accelerate our side of the space race against Russia  [And who we now know, along with Viktor Klemper from Paper Clip, also secretly worked on our defense against the pending alien invasion]. Only Mulder would manage to buy a tape off of a TV ad and pull the thread on an international conspiracy to experiment on humans in all sorts of ways.

The offense has a very personal face in this episode – Dana Katherine Scully, recently abducted and violated. Scully has to look into a mirror made of victims when she investigates her (usually more) procedural side of the case while Mulder is doing his regular routine chasing a train on foot.

Nisei and its sister episode, 731, is a reference to to Unit 731, a real life Japanese research program during World War II.  The episode’s title, nisei, was used to describe children born in a new country to Japanese-born immigrants (who are called Issei). Many Nisei were living in the western United States during World War II and were forcibly interned with their parents after an executive order excluded anyone of Japanese descent from parts of the Western states. In the second part of this story, we find Japanese scientists serving the American government interned those leprosy-stricken and alien looking people (among other things). The US government behaves the same as their enemies. The X Files considers that a high cost – as dear as Scully’s life.

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