Piper Maru | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 322


Piper Maru | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 322

Another stellar, action -packed mythology two parter investigation begins on the K Files in Piper Maru! Similar to previous two part investigation Nisei and 731, Piper Maru was written by my mythology Einstein Chris Carter and his best mythos co-captain Frank Spotnitz, and directed by the best series action director, Rob Bowman. It introduces a key element of the alien threat in the black oil which would eventually play a much larger role in the series, including in the 1998 X-Files movie, Fight the Future.

Open the case file below for our full investigation:

Another transportation-heavy story begins when a French salvage ship sends a diving crew to recover a mysterious wreckage from World War II. The crew succumbs to impossible radiation burns – enter Mulder and Scully, and of course, the number one Syndicate quadruple (quintuple?) agent, Alex Krycek.

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The title of the episode refers to the first and middle name of Gillian Anderson’s daughter, who had been born during the production of the second season – whose birth is responsible for another cataclysmic mythology event, Scully’s abduction.

We love the black oil because in some ways it’s nothing more than what it seems—standard petroleum. Mulder has the substance tested and it’s shown to be “50-weight diesel oil” or simply the same kind of oil that was available in the P-51 Mustang. Not too far off from this is the black oil in the movie which seemingly was just naturally occurring crude oil in Texas. (And, hey why not, Mulder and Doggett encounter the same oil field in the gulf in eight season ep, Vienen.) The alien virus uses this oil as a kind of lubricant to maintain the colony during its dormant stage and is, when activated, used as a means of mass mobility when the alien bounty hunter isn’t around to make moves for it.

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The alien entity that is the virus acts just like a regular earth virus and is useless until it infects a host and uses the host’s body to replicate cells to reproduce itself. The alien virus is dependent upon this symbiotic relationship for life since viruses themselves aren’t technically alive. Krycek and Mulder both experience it and are inoculated against it. You could argue that it changes Mulder’s DNA and impacts what happens to his noggin in the 6th season ender/7th season opener Amor Fati trilogy. Which then impacts William’s DNA. Which CSM seems to be pulling the strings behind mainly.

We could go on – the truth is already here but it’s buried under the weight of mythology from a hundred episodes. The K Files is chipping away with our flashlights – stay tuned.

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