Quagmire | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 324

The X-Files Quagmire E324

Quagmire | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 324

We’d like to observe a moment of silence for Scully’s first pet, Queequeg. Gone too soon – a victim of the bloodthirsty (and darkly humored) XF writers room. Returned to the sea, as it were. Appropriately, this episode is filed under P for Pets (see also Dagoo from the miniseries, Mulder’s fish, the dog from Detour, Krycek) and cross reference with Detour and Squeeze under Conversations on a Case.

Open the case file below for the full investigation:

Lots of great minutia in this one! Heuvelman’s Lake is in Millikan County, named after Rick Millikin, a casting director on the show (good job Rick Millikin). Heuvelman’s Lake is named for a Dutch cryptozoologist named Van Heuvels, who wrote a book on sea serpents. Also of note, Mulder’s speech about wishing he had a peg leg so he wouldn’t have to work so hard comes from a 1970’s pop psychology bible called Games People Play.

x files - queequ

It’s a kicky episode from the Kims (Newton and Manners, writing and directing, respectively) that was rumored to have some script doctoring from Darin Morgan, which is why there are references to Morgan’s previous scripts War of the Copraphages and Clyde Bruckman (and forward into the miniseries with Dagoo, Queequeg’s successor).

Plot (Spoilers):

In Blue Ridge, Georgia, biologists Paul Farraday and William Bailey discuss the decreasing frog population. Bailey goes looking for a missing beeper and ends up getting dragged into the lake by an unseen creature and killed.

Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) drive down to Georgia to investigate. Scully is forced to bring her dog Queequeg with them due to the short notice. Mulder tells Scully that a Boy Scout Troop Leader has also disappeared near the lake. Scully soon finds that Mulder believes “Big Blue”—a plesiosaur-like cryptid—is responsible. The agents talk to Dr. Farraday and visit a local bait and tackle shop that sells Big Blue merchandise. Soon afterwards, the half eaten body of the Scout Leader is found.

Later that night, the bait and tackle shop owner walks through the swamp in boots, making fake dinosaur tracks. However, he is attacked and killed. Mulder wants the lake to be closed but the local sheriff declines and says that he does not have enough men to cover the 48 miles of shoreline. Two teenagers, previously seen in the episode “War of the Coprophages“, head to the lake to lick toads; while experimenting, a diver friend of theirs is suddenly attacked underwater and his severed head floats to the surface. Scully, still skeptical about Big Blue being the killer, thinks that a boat propeller was responsible. A photographer named Ansel is also attacked just as he was frantically taking pictures of the creature. After falling into the lake and feeling something in the water, the Sheriff orders the lake closed. While Mulder looks at Ansel’s photographs later that night, Scully takes Queequeg for a walk; the dog, sensing something in the nearby woods, ends up running off and disappearing (yelping is heard), becoming the latest victim of the attacks and leaving Scully saddened. Mulder realizes that the Big Blue sightings have been occurring closer and closer to shore.

Mulder and Scully rent a boat and head out onto the lake; their boat is quickly struck by something and sinks. The two find a large rock to climb up on and talk for a while about Mulder’s quest to catch Big Blue, and the book Moby-Dick. When Dr. Farraday walks by the two realize they were close to shore all along. Mulder thinks the drop in the frog supply has caused Big Blue to move closer to shore and seek alternative food sources. Farraday is soon attacked but manages to make it out alive. Mulder chases the attacker into the woods and fires at it, revealing it to be an alligator. Mulder is disappointed that the killer ended up being an alligator and not Big Blue. As the agents leave, Big Blue swims nearby in the lake, unnoticed. – Wiki


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