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Revelations | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 321

The K Files agents investigate the invisible world of religion alongside Mulder and Scully on a case involving the murders of (false) stigmatics. They meet Kevin, seemingly the real deal, and must protect him from the dark force intent on obliterating what he represents.

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About the episode

This episode marks a milestone for the series, exploring Scully’s faith in Catholic mythology for the first time, an accent to Mulder’s belief in the invisible world of UFO’s and conspiracies. With Scully, the spirit is always the truth and indeed, she is the one tuned in to the right frequency on this case, not Mulder.

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Scully’s faith throughout the series serves a delicious slice of duality, as it contrasts with her typical  skepticism (toward the paranormal anyway). Revelations has a lot to offer in story and action (plus a solid performance from the very young Kevin Zegers of Air Bud fame) but is most fun for the role reversal from our intrepid agents: Scully gets to play the believer and Mulder the skeptic, which is refreshing for everyone, including (clearly) the actors.


A minister in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania fakes stigmatic injuries to his hands during a sermon. Afterwards, he is visited by a white-haired man named Simon Gates, who strangles him—his hands smoking while he does so. Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate the case. Mulder says that the priest was the eleventh fake stigmatic who has been killed over the past three years in a series of international murders. Meanwhile, at an elementary school in Loveland, Ohio, a boy, Kevin Kryder starts bleeding from the palms of his hands. The agents arrive and meet with a social worker, who claims that Kevin has suffered injuries before and that his father was institutionalized, adding that Kevin was in danger from evil forces. The agents visit Kevin’s father, who claims that his son is the chosen one and that evil forces will come to kill him as part of a great war between good and evil.

Kevin is abducted by a strange-looking bald man. Kevin’s mother recognizes the man’s description as that of Owen Jarvis, who had done yard work for the family in the past. Owen claims to be Kevin’s guardian angel. As the agents arrive, Kevin mysteriously disappears. Owen claims he was asked by God to protect Kevin and criticizes Scully for her faith not being as strong as his. Owen jumps out the window and escapes. Kevin arrives at his home and is pursued by Gates, who kills Owen when he arrives to protect Kevin. Scully performs an autopsy and finds that Owen’s corpse is not decaying, reminding her of “incorruptibles” that she learned about in Catechism. Mulder tells Scully to not let her faith cloud her judgment. Scully finds that handprints on Owen’s neck belong to Simon Gates, a rich and powerful executive.

Kevin travels with his mother in a car which breaks down. Gates arrives offering to help fix the car, and Kevin, who appears in two places at once, is able to distract him and help them escape. However, Kevin’s mother, hurt by Gates, runs the car into a ditch, dying as a result. Scully tells Kevin she’ll protect him. They bring him to a hotel where Scully notices an additional wound on Kevin’s side. Scully becomes upset at Mulder for his unwillingness to accept the possibility of a miracle. As they talk, Gates breaks into the bathroom, kidnapping Kevin by prying an opening in the barred window. Scully returns to see Kevin’s father but finds him heavily drugged.

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Scully theorizes that Gates has brought Kevin to a recycling plant he owns in Jerusalem, Ohio. Mulder thinks that he has headed to the airport, as a man matching Gates’ description was reported headed there. Mulder thinks Scully believes that she’s been chosen to protect Kevin. Scully arrives at the recycling plant where Gates tells Kevin that he must die for the ‘New Age’ to come. Gates attempts to jump into a paper shredding machine with Kevin, but Kevin grabs onto the side as Gates falls into the shredder. Scully is able to pull Kevin to safety. Two days later, Scully and Kevin say goodbye. Kevin tells Scully he’ll see her again. Scully goes to the confessional for the first time in years, wondering if God is speaking, but that no one is listening.


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