Sanguinarium | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 330

The K Files Podcast Sanguinarium The K Files Episode 330

Sanguinarium | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 330

Hollywood Redux runs red with almost as much blood as The Shining this week on The K Files – we’re investigating fifth season gore-a-palooza, Sanguinarium. This episode pays heavily into the Shit You Can’t Unsee Bank, from Ben Horn’s extreme facial peel to skin laser beams, it’s one of the best showings from SFX Makeup Artist Toby Lindala and one of the worst to watch while eating pizza.

Sanguinarium was written by junior writers, Vivian and Valerie Mayhew, and directed by resident creep meastro Kim Manners (RIP sensei). Horrific deaths in a hospital’s plastic surgery unit compel Mulder and Scully to shine a light onto the nightmares of that industry. Oh yeah, and there’s witchcraft also.

Open the case file below for the full report:

Plot (Spoilers):

During a routine liposuction operation in Winnetka, Illinois, Dr. Harrison Lloyd (John Juliani) suddenly begins to violently remove such large amounts of fat from a patient that the patient dies. Following the unusual experience, Lloyd tells Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) that he killed the patient due to being spiritually possessed. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) is skeptical about Lloyd’s claims, believing he’s only making it up to escape legal consequences. Mulder inspects the operation room and discovers pentagrams burned into the floor, suspecting witchcraft as the cause.

Upon reviewing the tapes of the operation, Mulder decides to check what type of medication Lloyd was taking. Meanwhile, the staff at Lloyd’s clinic are shocked when another plastic surgeon, Dr. Ilaqua (Paul Raskin), murders an elderly patient by burning a hole through her cheek and neck with a surgical laser, severing her brain stem. Scully interviews Ilaqua, who claims to not be able to remember anything from what happened. Scully deduces that both Ilaqua and Lloyd were taking the same medicine. Mulder’s belief in the cause for the unexplained phenomena strengthens when he reviews the tape of the second murder, observing a pentagram-like pattern on the stomach of the victim.

Worried by the events, the hospital coordinator, Dr. Theresa Shannon, tells Mulder and Scully about a similar series of deaths that occurred at the same hospital ten years prior. They suspect Rebecca Waite (O-Lan Jones), a nurse who is the only person present at all the death scenes. The agents visit Waite’s house, discovering evidence that she practiced witchcraft; however, the evidence has been planted there by a staff member of the hospital. Elsewhere, Dr. Jack Franklin (Richard Beymer) is non-fatally assaulted at his house by Waite. Attempts to question Waite are prevented when she starts to vomit pins, and then dies shortly after.

Mulder deduces that the birthdays of all the victims match up with the dates of the Witches’ Sabbath, meaning that continued murders will occur. Back at the clinic, another patient is murdered when her face is melted by acid. With no suspects left to turn to, Mulder uses the hospital’s computer program to determine what Franklin would look like under heavy plastic surgery. He is shocked to find that Franklin is actually Dr. Cllifford Cox, a cosmetic doctor who presumably died during the first spree of murders. Cox attempts to murder his fifth and final victim in a quest to gain eternal youth. When Dr. Shannon discovers him alone in a blood-spattered operating room, Cox uses witchcraft to magically teleport surgical tools into her intestines, causing her to bleed internally as Rebecca Waite did. Dr. Shannon is rushed into surgery and survives. After escaping, Cox removes the skin on his own face, using a ritual to make him appear younger. Cox is never caught, with the episode ending with him successfully applying at another medical hospital. – Wiki

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