Scully Goes Home Again | The K Files | The X Files Miniseries Podcast | Case File 305


Scully Goes Home Again | The K Files | The X Files Miniseries Podcast | Case File 305

The miniseries is cruising into high gear now so we have to run very fast to keep up. Review our full podcast case file for Home Again, then review the report below:

This fourth episode in The X Files miniseries offers another glimpse into where the characters are and where they’re going. A Scully vehicle in answer to last week’s Mulder story, Home Again finds our heroes carrying on as if they’re “back in the day” as Scully keeps saying.

There is a monster which reflects and comments on a corrupt society lacking empathy for its weakest members. The Trash Man tells us that even though we cast out of sight the dregs of our world, the garbage of us, that does not mean it disappears – worse, it eventually walks around seeking justice. It’s a cautionary myth story, explaining cause and effect in a way that’s reminiscent of seventh season episode, The Goldberg Variation.

Mulder reminds Scully that ‘back in the day’ is NOW though, and indeed this is a whole new type of X File in the way we’ve been seeing in the miniseries. Each episode in the six serves as its own thesis, utilizing evidence from past episodes to compound the old message and create one anew.

In Were-Monster, Darin Morgan reminded us of lessons learned in Clyde Bruckman and Humbug, about how foolish it is to imagine you might be able to understand nature. In Home Again, the story tied back to, of course, Home, in the exploration of a society with something rotten at its core, but also episodes such as One Breath, Beyond the Sea, Milagro, even Arcadia (the OG garbage monster, created by a bad man who used his powers against those weaker than he, rather than to protect them).

Scully’s question – are we bad parents? Is answered by Nature on the show – it’s never too late to take responsibility, the stunning Vancouver beach tells us. It’s no coincidence that we find the episode’s key, climactic scene set in that location. With every wave crashing on that rocky shore, Scully’s question is answered: everything will be okay, but you should course correct now.

Which means, Scully is ready to take responsibility for the protection of her child, she’s ready. Mulder, more taciturn in this episode as a comforting presence who tells Scully the truth, needs to get on board too. I believe next episode will thematically get Mulder to that place, and in My Struggle Part 2, we will see some kind of climax to this overarching story. I predict the symbolic story will be – the parents must protect their child, or else all will be lost. That is the question and answer.

Other cool things? The speech the writer gives explaining how he creates was riveting. A meditation on the act of creation and who’s responsible for that which is created. The monster’s creator does not understand the milagro and so destroys, rather than creates a la Padgett’s character in Milagro. He created without learning the mystery for himself – he took it and was unworthy, and his creation hurt people.

He says the lesson he learned very clearly: Even a small idea is dangerous. When you create art with a violent message, when you inform it with violence or judgement, or hatred, it can actually hurt people. In the show literally, in the world, art that has a hateful message is just as destructive. When you raise children this way, without love and understanding, they become destroyers too.

What an episode. My hat’s off to Glen Morgan – one of the finest, most nuanced, most beautifully acted in all of X Files-dom.

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  1. I really liked seeirs one cos it was new and different and suitably creepy. Then I sort of lost interest – more because I tend to get bored very very easily – then I tried to return to it later but then it got abit skewy with Scully getting kidnapped by aliens (I think she was pregnant and had to leave the seeirs for a bit) then Mulder leaving and then these new people turning up…Anyway!! Mulder and Scully were a most NAKED couple! take carex

    • The tone/personality/atmosphere of the show is its own story – it’s changed a few times. Try giving later episodes like Our Town in season two, Pine Bluff Variant or Paper Hearts in the fourth season a watch. Those I think have that darker edge you’re talking about plus new stories you haven’t heard this way yet.

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