Scully Trusts No 1 | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 301

Scully Trusts No 1 | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 301

Scully Trusts No 1 | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 301

The first episode of season three opens with the rewatch of season nine MSR-centric episode, Trust No 1. The ninth season of the show sees Scully plagued by constant fear for William – for his safety, for what he is, for how he came to be, etc. She assuages these fears by telling William what she, herself, still can’t quite accept in the poignant opening voice-over. Over the course of the episode, Scully finds herself railing against must men (shadowy and otherwise) who assume access to her: her health, her privacy, her relationships and choices. Scully must overcome her fears about William and herself in order to reclaim power by acknowledging a truth, bright enough to transform all shadows: that regardless of what others perceive him to be, William is a perfect child created out of love.

This triumph seems limited for the character, however, as the episode ends on a melancholy note, repeating the latter portion of the voice-over that emphasizes Mulder’s absence. Scully seems to believe in her love for William without doubt, but she does not have Mulder to complete the circle and restore her hope, as he has done in previous Scully dreams, like Per Manum.

Listen to the full case file and perceive the truth for yourself :

This episode begins a build toward the hard choice Scully makes later in the season regarding William. We see her fears rise in the shape of more Super Soldiers, their hands dripping red, bent on infanticide, and even more insidiously, taking the shape of a false Mulder in upcoming ninth season episode, William. Stay tuned!

The K Files continues to track the truth in the story as we careen through the remainder of season nine on our way to the new miniseries, airing on Fox January 24th, a mere fortnight away!

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