Squeeze | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 409

Squeeze - The K-Files Podcast - Hollywood Redux

Squeeze | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 409

Contort your sense of human decency alongside The K Files agents in a continuation of our deep cover investigation into the worst serial killers on The X Files! This week we’re flicking Tooms’ liver juice off our fingers without betraying our cool exterior in Squeeze.

Open the case file below:


Ah the young X Files. The early days of the show are so special because it was something new: the way it was lit, the sophisticated writing, its ability to convey the uncanny, and perhaps most notably, for the clever mirror held up by its monsters.

“Squeeze” was written by early show MVP’s (and revival key players) Glen Morgan and James Wong. They kicked off the continuing inference on the show’s writing from Chinese medicine or eastern schools of thought in the way Tooms comes to personify an imbalanced anger which manifests in liver trauma. It’s interesting when you consider through this lens that Tooms goes after Scully – is this an implication that Scully is a workaholic? Or maybe it’s not about her liver at all, maybe she went to his lair, so he went to hers…

The K Files The X Files Podcast Squeeze
The episode featured the first of two (we’ll investigate Tooms next week) guest appearances by a then very young now very creepy, Doug Hutchison, as the mutant serial killer Eugene Victor Tooms. This was the first “monster-of-the-week” episode of The X-Files, so it’s telling that Tooms is obsessed with unbalanced liver aka his victims have anger issues.

They’re business men working late – in the followup episode, Tooms, the victim to be is a dad who won’t pay attention to his family, angrily working late at night. But the writers don’t put too fine a point on it, after all, the mystery of the show in those early episodes was a big part of what drew a cult audience. The world of the show had no real answers just endless dark tunnels to explore.

The K FIles The X Files Podcast Squeeze
Many other monsters in the XF Rogues’ Gallery follow the Tooms model, such as the sad fast food waiter in Hungry, or the reptile man in Alone. These are monsters that are technically human or appear humanoid anyway for the most part, but who on the inside lack conscience similar to predators in the wild. When M and S catch up to them, the law enforcement protocol doesn’t always fit these cases – they are more like animals in nature than a human with a moral compass.

The K Files The X FIles Podcast Squeeze
The K Files is on the scene of Tooms next week to close the case on Eugene Victor. Our exploration of the bizarre (and bloody) serial killers of The X Files continues on into 2017.

Check out this awesome behind the scenes video from the 90’s – these used to air on FX in conjunction with the very early syndicated showings of episodes every week day. Agent Moeller caught up on the show before the advent of Netflix via this method, every day after middle school – it was magical, just like young Glen Morgan and James Wong palling around on set:

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