The End of My Struggle Part 2 | The K Files | The X Files Miniseries Podcast | Case File 307


The End of My Struggle Part 2 | The K Files | The X Files Miniseries Podcast | Case File 307

The tagline reads, “This is the end,” and yet, the story goes on! That’s The X Files for you – the end does not mean death. In fact, what constitutes “the end” for the miniseries is arguably merely the bridge to get us where we’re going next: into space, if the final moment of the show means what I think.

Scully tells us in the beginning how it is to see the world from her perspective: How she, a woman devoted to science and the rational, real world, could come to understand that a world exists beyond what we can see which tests our belief and what we know of ourselves. Then she spends the rest of the episode fighting to reconcile the forces opposing human kind on behalf of nature, as per usual.

PLUS Mulder faces the scariest monster in the whole rogues gallery – an enhanced, ultra-grotesque Cigarette Smoking Man. It gets worse when you see his real face.

The miniseries has reached the end, but The K Files continues the search for the truth in a show that’s now proven its relevance to two wholly distinct cultures in two different times. Congratulations to Chris Carter and his writers, and to the cast and crew for the achievement. Stay tuned to The K Files for more podcasts and look for updates to our ongoing, interactive episode guide.

The tagline should have read: This is the end is the beginning.

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 Struggle Part 2| The K-Files | An X-Files Podcast

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