The Field Where I Died | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 325

The X File Podcast The Field Where I Died E325

The Field Where I Died | The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 325

Most notable for its touching scenes between Mulder and Scully (filed under P for Poignant Comfort, see also Paper Hearts, Closure), in which they candidly discuss their potentially deeply cosmic relationship. This episode also offers a great performance from guest actor (and current Mrs. Glen Morgan) Kristen Kloke as the multiple personalitied monster of the week, Melissa.  Cross referenced under B for Bummer Endings – The X-Files does not always offer happy endings and in this case, the supernatural offered hope which could have armed Melissa against Vernon Epheisan’s very human/banal force for destruction, yet she succumbed.

x files - field where idid

Also fun – the story of star-crossed Civil War era lovers Sullivan Biddle and Sarah Kavanaugh was inspired by a letter used in Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary series. It’s a dramatic show from Duchovny as well, but as always, his scenes with Anderson are the best of all.

Open the case file for the full report below:

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The Field Where I Died | The K-Files | An X-Files Podcast

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