The K Files Dossier | An X Files Episode Viewing Guide

X-Files - The K Files Dossier | An X Files Episode Viewing Guide

The K Files Dossier | An X Files Episode Viewing Guide

The X Files is an unusual show in many respects, and appropriately, The K Files is not your Assistant Director’s podcast. Hosts Katie and Kryzz seek out the secret Pentagon basement of each episode they feature by taking a deeper look at the emotional arc of the characters and focusing on a symbolic reading of the story in order to uncover the deepest truths in the show’s special world. We’ve said it before: Chris Carter and his band of criterion writers have done more than craft episodes of a television show that people really love, they have created a new myth story that reveals truths about who we are and where we came from.

Simply watching the show at its surface, you can still absorb the deeper meanings unconsciously. But, if you can perceive the excavation site below the surface for yourself, then the information you receive can help you make sense of your own life on a conscious, active level. That’s the truth that we’re working to investigate on The K Files so that we can further the legacy of the show for future audiences.

Now let’s get to business. The Philes reign and The X Files has never been more relevant. In order to go forward with the show with our eyes truly ready to see the mysteries of the miniseries, The K Files is following the smoking trail all the way back to the beginning and looking at the most relevant, the most emotional, and the most informative in the entire episode catalog. And we’re compiling our findings for you.

Coming up first is the ultimate Monster of the Week episode viewing guide, Real Monsters of The X Files. Stay tuned for more to follow.

Cross Reference:

The Real Monsters of The X Files – Most necessary monsters of the week.
COMING SOON: Mythos – Follow the smoking trail to find the truth in The X Files mythology.
COMING SOON: Dark Comedy – A salute to the wacky XF sense of humor.
COMING SOON: Xtra Credit – Episodes that showcase the supporting players of The X Files.

Tune in to a NEW episode of The K Files every Wednesday and keep watching the skies for updates to our dossier.

The truth is already here.

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