The K Files Named Podcast of the Month

K-Files PotM


Hollywood Redux is very excited to announce The K Files has been selected as podcast of the month on Podcastland!

Hosts Katie Moeller and Kryzzalia Lopez are currently midway through their second season,  dedicating new episodes to participating in Fox’s 201 Days Rewatch in anticipation of the six episode miniseries. Click the link to listen to their most recent episode, The Intelligence in All Things, featuring a story analysis of the Gillian Anderson-helmed episode, All Things.

The K Files is not your Assistant Director’s podcast: Katie and Kryzz seek out the secret Pentagon basement of each episode they feature. The K Files takes a deeper look at the emotional arc of character and focuses on a symbolic reading of the story in order to uncover the deepest truths in the show’s special world. Chris Carter and his band of criterion writers have done more than craft episodes of a television show that people really love, they have created a new myth story that offers guidance on the path of life.

The truths that Katie and Kryzz regularly unearth on the show knit together (like the pieces of the alien spacecraft buried on the beach in Africa) to form a map. If viewed in its entirety, this story tapestry provides the answers to every question we ask during a human life. Even if we never glimpse the whole picture, the parts we can see are revelatory.

Simply watching the show at surface, you can still absorb the deeper meanings unconsciously and play them out in your dreams. But, if you can perceive the excavation site below the surface for yourself, then the information you receive can help you make sense of your own life on a conscious, active level. That’s what Katie and Kryzz are working to unearth on The K Files.

Catch up on old episodes at the site. Stay tuned for more podcasts, blogs, and original art as we cruise through the seventh season and on into January, when Mulder and Scully find the truth in  their flashlight beams once more.


The K Files Named Podcast of the Month

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