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K Files Tooms

Tooms| The K Files | The X Files Podcast | Case File 410 | Doug Hutchinson

The K Files agents continue to investigate the worst serial killers on The X Files! Contortions, escalator death, schmoopies with root beer, and at least one naked Doug Hutchinson – we’re talking Tooms.

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Tooms is notable for a number of reasons. The episode featured Mitch Pileggi’s first appearance as ADWalter Skinner aka the SkinMan, and saw Doug Hutchison and William B. Davis reprise their roles as Tooms and The Smoking Man, respectively.

When mutant serial killer Tooms is released from prison, Mulder and Scully attempt to thwart him from resuming his killing spree. Tooms, however, takes steps (literally) to frame Mulder for assault before the agents can apprehend him.

The K Files The X Files Podcast Tooms
In the end, Tooms is not smarter than our agents and progress literally crushes him under its wheels in the escalator. He was losing his edge anyway – the toilet latch kept him from murdering Michigan angry dad.


After the violence of “Squeeze,” Eugene Victor Tooms has been placed in a sanatorium in Baltimore. He attempts to escape but is forced to abort when he is visited by psychologist and cheeseburger waiting to be eaten, Dr. Monte.

Scully is called before Skinner, accompanied most frequently in these early days by the Smoking Man. Despite the success of the X-Files investigations, Skinner criticizes their unorthodox investigative methods and wants Scully to ensure their cases are by the book.

After getting called on the carpet, Scully joins Mulder at a release hearing for Tooms, where Monte claims that Tooms’ attack on Scully was due to being falsely accused of murder. Mulder tries to point out the physical evidence of Tooms’ physiology and crimes but is ignored by the hearing’s panel.

Spooky Mulder is not always the most persuasive so Tooms gets released into the care of an elderly couple and must continue his treatment with Dr. Monte. And by continue his treatment we mean Tooms was always going to eat that guy.

Scully meets with Frank Briggs, the detective who investigated Tooms’ 1933 murders. Briggs claims that the body of one of the victims from that spree remained elusive. Scully and Briggs visit a chemical plant where a piece of the victim’s liver was found and discover a skeleton encased in concrete.

Meanwhile, Mulder watches Tooms at work and intervenes as he stalks a would-be victim. Later that night, Mulder follows him when he tries to break into a man’s house. Tooms flees without attacking anyone.

A researcher examining the skeleton identifies it as the missing victim from 1933. However, there seems to be no substantial evidence proving that Tooms was the murderer. Scully relieves Mulder, who is watching Tooms’ new residence; they are unaware that Tooms is hiding in the trunk of Mulder’s car.

He manages to break into Mulder’s apartment, where he injures himself and imprints Mulder’s shoe print on his face. Tooms’ meddling leads to Mulder being questioned by the police. Skinner forbids Mulder from contacting Tooms.

Further research on the skeleton reveals bite marks matching Tooms’ teeth. When the old couple watching Tooms depart and Tooms is visited by Monte, he kills him and consumes the final liver he needs before his thirty-year hibernation.

Upon discovering Monte’s body, Mulder and Scully head to Tooms’ former residence at 66 Exeter Street, which has been demolished and replaced with a shopping mall. Inside, Mulder crawls below an escalator and finds Tooms’ new/old nest. Tooms bursts out, covered in bile, and pursues Mulder, who makes it to the surface and activates the escalator, trapping and killing Tooms.

The K Files The X Files Podcast Tooms

Skinner reads Scully’s final report on the Tooms case and asks the Smoking Man if he believes it, to which he replies, “Of course I do.”Because he probably created Tooms in a decommissioned train car or something similar.

Outside, Scully finds Mulder, who is observing a caterpillar’s cocoon musing as he is wont to do on a change that is coming to the X-Files, heralded by Skinner’s admonishment to Scully and the impending season one finale, The Erlenmeyer Flask.

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The X Files Podcast Tooms

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