The X Files at New York Comic Con 2015


The X-Files at NY Comic Con 2015

The X-Files panel and fan Q&A made a splash at this year’s New York Comic Con Saturday, October 10th.

Philes around the world turned green with envy today as Fox premiered the first episode from highly anticipated six episode miniseries at the New York Comic Con this afternoon. Alas the episode will not be available for mass consumption until January, though small consolation – you can watch the panel, below.

So far the buzz on the internet has been positive surrounding the ersatz pilot, though, the most paranoid fan might demand (like Scully) harder evidence before relaxing. It’s rumored that mythology episodes, or episodes forwarding the overall story of the entire X-Files universe, will air at the beginning and end of the run, while the rest of the episodes will be so-called ‘monster of the week’ style shows, meaning a serialized investigation often involving some genetic mutant or man-made monster.

Chris Carter, the creator of the show, wrote the miniseries with veteran writers from the early days of the original run, Glen Morgan, James Wong, and Darren Morgan. This squad of writers was responsible for many fan favorite episodes such as Home and Small Potatoes – encouraging for anxious fans, concerned about another I Want to Believe level bait and switch is in the offing.

In the miniseries, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their beloved roles as Mulder and Scully. The opening episode is said to involve a classic X-File person of interest: a possible alien abductee. The all-new episodes are slated to feature a cornucopia of guest stars, including Joel McHale, Robbie Amell, the divine Lauren Ambrose, and many others including William B. Davis, inexplicably back from the dead yet again as the ultimate shadow figure: the sinister Cigarette Smoking Man.

Check out the latest trailer below for the series, and collect the evidence for yourself:

It’s hard to not salivate at the prospect of more Mulder and Scully, whatever the story. It wouldn’t be the X-Files though, without a really chilling, gripping story, so, needless to say expectations are high. Enjoy the visibly ebullient mood of the panelists above – it’s easy to get carried away with joy at the prospect of these characters living and breathing in front of us again.

In the meantime, stay tuned to for our continued coverage of X-Files news, including  our X-Files podcast, The K-Files. The K-Files posts regular updates covering fandom current events, engaging in the conversation as part of Fox’s 201 Days Rewatch, and interpreting the overarching story of the show as a rich, mythological story for our culture.

Listen to The K-Files here and keep pursuing the truth!

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