Adventure Chapter 1.2 | Dungeons and Dragons | Hollywood Redux

Adventure-s1c2 Hollywood Redux

Adventure Chapter 1.2 | Dungeons and Dragons | Hollywood Redux

Chapter 1 of live Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, Adventure, continues with Part 2! In this edition, Dungeon Master, Matt, guides our heroes east toward Walissro, who encounter a tree creature that helps explain the next part of their journey, PLUS PERIL.

Live or die, this is our Adventure.

Begin below:

The Road So Far:

In Chapter 1.1, we met our four intrepid heroes: Hrashk (mountain dwarf), D.U.C.K (scribe for hire), Dötra Toop (gnome raised by feral cats), and Sir Definitely Not Tom Cruise (short, male, rogue assassin).

Together these heroes came to the aid of the villagers of Ravinsa, a small town within the Great Forest of Frios. The villagers sought the help and guidance of our heroes after months of savage attacks on their families and livestock by a ruthless pack of werewolves, led by alpha wolf, Allair.

After many hours of battle, a damaged but dangerous Allair faced off against our heroes, the last of his pack left alive. Players took turns attacking the beast, but after a few misses, they took him down and frolicked off to celebrate.

This celebration continued into the evening as our heroes and the large gathering of townspeople are in the town square and its pub. The banter flowed like wine until Gron, a scout from the army of Salrook, bursts in and disrupts their conversation.

The heroes subdued Gron (and by subdue, we mean Toup transformed into a cat and scratched his eyes out, it was gruesome), and interrogated him to learn of their adventure. They discovered they had to leave at sun up in order to leave for the town in which Gron came from, Walissro, then retired for the night to take what rest they could before their departure at dawn.

This Week:

The heroes travel toward Walissro where they encounter a friendly tree who tells them about Salrook’s army growing to the east. The tree points the heroes to Walissro, and they find a struggling boy there named Pip Johannsen, who lies bleeding from an attack by Gron, the baddie from the previous.

Gron left Pip for dead en route to attack our heroes. Sir Def Not Tom Cruise comforts the boy as he dies. In return, Pip gifts Sir Def Not Tom Cruise a cloak given to Pip’s family long ago by a powerful sorcerer. Its abilities are unknown…

Until our next Adventure!

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Player Stats:

Matthew Bolton | DUNGEON MASTER
Twitter: @splashdown1

Kyle Duncan Graham | HRASHK
Twitter: @kduncang

Dion Jackson | D.U.C.K
Twitter: @TChallaD

Twitter: @MsGeorgiaOQueef

Jenn Ann Weisner | DöTRA TOOP
Twitter: @8BitAskew

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