Becoming | Short Film by Hollywood Redux | 2015



A couple on a first date gets to know each other while something in the darkness watches. Written and directed by Katie Moeller.

Katie Mary Garland
Chris Gouchoe
and Nicolas Charles

Director of Photography/Editor/Exec Producer/Bacon Saver: Matthew Bolton
Production Designer: Luke Casey
Music by: Michael Wise
Art Director/Associate Producer: Kryzzalia Lopez
Sound Design: Michael Hesser
First Assistant Camera/Associate Producer: Byron Lopez

Becoming Special Features and Extras


becoming - featureAbout Becoming

  • Becoming was filmed on location in Los Angeles and Glendale, California. For more behind the scenes, check out this Hollywood Redux blog post.

Music Extras

  • In addition to crafting a haunting, evocative score, composer Michael Wise arranged lyrics written by Katie for the song that plays over the end credits, The Little Bird.
  • Listen to the original score and full version of The Little Bird here:
  • The Little Bird Lyrics:

Belle jeune fille dort
Sous le chêne
Quel piéds mignons et petit corps
Comme un oiseau tombé du nid
Je vient vers toi sur le chemin
Et je te gaude pour moi
Maintenant tu es mienne, petit ouiseau
Bell jeune fille dort
Dans la paume de ma main
Quand vas tu te reveiller et voir ma nouvelle maison
Tu seras surprise d’avoir voyager si loin.
Depuis le chêne
Ca te-ferait plaisir plaisir de devenir reine
Et que je mette des bijoux dans tes petites ailes

Very special thanks to Danielle Kabouri and Carole Merland for their kind assistance translating Katie’s lyrics into French.

  • spotifyFor more Becoming music, click the link to check out the soundtrack on Spotify under playlist name: Becoming Soundtrack. Katie curated this mix while writing and producing the short.

Becoming - slate

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Becoming | Short Film by Hollywood Redux

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