I Expect You To Die | Twitch Gameplay Thursday | Playstation 4 VR

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I Expect You To Die | Twitch Gameplay Thursday | Playstation 4 VR

Like a rat in a maze, HR Podcast host, Michael faces a life or death situation in NEW Twitch Gameplay of ‘I Expect You To Die’ for the Playstation 4 VR from developer Schell Games. Does Michael have the spy know-how to find his way out of this car rigged to explode, loaded on a flying airplane?

Suit up and press start below:



About the Game:

I Expect You To Die – released December 2016 is a virtual reality puzzle game that places you in the well-polished shoes of an elite secret agent. You attempt to survive deadly situations in immersive and dangerous locales. Complete each operation using problem-solving skills, wits…oh, telekinesis that all our agents are equipped with. Use it and whatever resources you can find to escape each situation… or die trying.

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After the outstanding credit sequence to the game, I Expect You To Die drops you in an ordinary office with a radio, clock, gun and most importantly a projector to select your secret ops. Michael loads up Operation: Friendly Skies – in which he will have to use his James Bond skills and spy gadgets to stay alive and escape a car rigged to self-destruct. There are few clues scattered within the vehicle that aid you in diffusing a bomb, as well as some useful tools to help you hack into the car, allowing your hopeful exit – but will it be enough to save Michael on this suicide mission?

I Expect You To Die Friendly Skies Car Bomb

The interactivity for this game with the VR component is rich. The PlayStation site describes this aspect perfectly:

VR is at its best when you can touch and interact with everything around you. Grab that lighter and cigar, pour that champagne into a glass, cut the right wire with the knife, burn that… well, a lot of things burn. Thwart death traps and solve puzzles any way you want, with the items you choose. The world is your sandbox.


Play as a secret agent armed with telekinetic abilities on a mission to stop Zoraxis, a nefarious global weapons and pharmaceutical corporation. The Enhanced Operative Division (EOD) is home to some of the most elite agents in the world of espionage. Join their ranks and take on the wicked plans of Dr. Zor, your new nemesis. In missions that span the globe, find clues and foil plots that would feel right at home in any classic spy movie. Hopefully you’ll end up saving the world, but with all due respect, I expect you to die.

I expect you to die shooting flares

The PlayStation site also offers this as a final note on this VR experience:

Be the Best

Once you know the secrets to being a spy, invite your friends over to try your PlayStation VR. There’s no better feeling than watching a new agent struggle, I mean, conquer the traps set by the evil Dr. Zor.
Sure you may die the first 2, 3, or 10 times, but you’ll get the hang of each mission. Revisit completed missions to unlock all the souvenirs and trophies. Clear the speed run times to show that you’re the best agent for the job.

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I Expect You To Die | Twitch Gameplay Thursday | Playstation 4 VR

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