The Cubicle VR Video Game | Twitch Gameplay Thursday | HTC Vive

The cubicle igl gameplay the cubicle virtual reality site

The Cubicle VR Video Game | Twitch Gameplay Thursday | HTC Vive

VR Month, unlike the fairly nihilistic game we play in the video, is nearing an end. But don’t be too sad – for the final #HRVR gameplay, IGL Podcast host Kyle Duncan Graham navigates a corporate nightmare in the horror-ific HTC Vive title, The Cubicle.

Press start below:


About the Game:

This game was released in 2016, but there’s not been a lot of press on it. Possibly because it’s extremely stressful. In it, you must go through the motions of fulfilling the ultimate soulless office job. There are no coworkers, just a menacing clock, eerily changing photos, and a whole lot of file folders. It’s like if Office Space were directed by David Lynch and then adapted for VR puzzle solving by the people who made Silent Hill.

It’s a testament to the game’s visual and sound design that simple office fixtures like a calendar become the stuff of your worst, most ominous nightmare. In order to proceed through the seemingly endless levels, you must interact via the Vive VR system with the game environment to take actions such as moving objects, sorting files, taking care of your children and other office related pursuits.

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Have you played The Cubicle? Did it cause you to relive a horrible work memory just like Kyle? Let us know in the comments below!

More Info:

The Cubicle
Initial release date: April 5, 2016
Publisher: Jespertheend
Genre: Puzzle video game
Mode: Single-player video game
Developers: Roel van Beek , Jurgen Hoogeboom , Joppe de Graaf, Jesper van den Ende
Platform: Microsoft Windows, HTC Vive

Your Hosts:

Justin Gentile

Kyle Dunchan Graham

the cubicle htc vive steam gif

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The Cubicle VR Video Game | Twitch Gameplay Thursday | HTC Vive

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