HALLOWEEN Redux | NEW Short from Hollywood Redux

Halloween movie 1978 parody

HALLOWEEN Redux | NEW Short from Hollywood Redux

We’re halfway through October but Halloween Redux just finished the warmup. Creepy content abounds now as we move into the next phase of our celebration of all things horror this Samhain season. To kick off the festivities, we offer a loving homage to the OG, John Carpenter’s Halloween, originally starring now legendary grandam, Jamie Lee Curtis, but whose role today is occupied by one of our own, Michael Hesser.

Press play on our HALLOWEEN Redux:

Halloween was made on a shoe string budget in its day by Mr. Carpenter and his producing team. The extremely short, 20-day shoot began in spring of 1978 and the film was released in October of the same year (INSANE). Though the movie is set in a fictional town in Illinois, it was actually shot on location in South Pasadena and Hollywood, California. Viewers who look closely will notice palm trees in the background of shots.

halloween - pleasance

One of the coolest BTS tidbits from Halloween is Carpenter’s use of the Panaglide rig, which was a competitor to now-ubiquitous Steadicam, a sophisticated video innovation used for far-ranging and smooth, unbroken shots. Carpenter loved it because he could shoot lots of footage in one day to make up for the film’s super low ($300,000) budget. Halloween was among the first films to use the Panaglide, alongside films like Terrence Malick’s Days of Heaven.

Halloween Redux is rolling out only more spooky content the rest of October to stay tuned daily. We have more extras including videos and giveaways (CLICK to find out how you can win one of our prizes). The Writers’ Room returns Monday with a new Halloween episode, IGL Podcast is playing the most horrifying horror titles and discussing via their podcast and Twitch, and The K Files has the scariest episodes of The X Files in the spotlight.

If you’re interested in learning more about John Carpenter’s Halloween BTS, check out Director of Photography Dean Cundey’s original camera tests for Halloween using the Panaglide rig mentioned above:

What do you think of Michael’s performance? Sound off in the comments below!

HALLOWEEN Redux | NEW Short from Hollywood Redux

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