Hollywood Redux channel Lineup 2017

Hollywood Redux hosts five podcasts:

The Hollywood Redux Podcast offers behind the scenes stories from our sets and musings on current entertainment culture in a lively discussion with four working professionals. Click Here.


7927WEAPON UNLOCKED: Legend tells of a secret weapon buried deep within the Hollywood Redux vault: the INFINITE GRENADE LAUNCHER. Join Justin, Josie, and Kyle in a weekly co-op campaign that includes game reviews, retro gaming, Virtual Reality, and more. Click Here.

7948 The truth is already here! The K-Files special agent, Katie, investigates all things spooky: behind the scenes tidbits from the original run and miniseries, musings on the legacy of the X, and a symbolic reading of The X Files as a rich, mythological story for our culture. Click Here.

A Sonic fan podcast from another dimension by a completely not-made-up software company. Join host Griff Newcastle as his guests help him touch the threshold between the mundanity of living and the infinite playground of dreams. Also, they’ll talk about Sonic and junk! Click Here.

Join hosts Justin and Jessica on a magical tour of cinema and cannabis in Saturday Doobie Feature. Each week we discuss a new or old film and how they enhanced the viewing experience with marijuana products from local growers and shops. Recommended for adults who love movies and responsible cannabis use. Click Here.

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